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Archaeopteryx are one of the six unplayable flying animals that appear within Tokyo Jungle.


Archaeopteryx (First Bird) are a genus of early bird that is transitional between feathered dinosaurs and modern birds. Since the late nineteenth century, it had been generally accepted by palaeontologists as being the oldest known bird. However, older birds have since been identified. Archaeopteryx lived in the Late Jurassic period around 150 million years ago, in what is now southern Germany during a time when Europe was an archipelago of islands in a shallow warm tropical sea, much closer to the equator than it is now.

Archaeopteryx as Prey

The Archaeopteryx is non-aggressive but will not appear until the 61st year, when other ancient animals begin to appear, where they can be found replacing Crows or Pigeons in various locations. While they will usually appear alone, the Archaeopteryx is worth a good deal more in calories than the birds they replace. While they are larger than Crows and Pigeons they still have very little Life, and are easy targets when they are roosting for even the smallest of animals.

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