Challenges are ranked E, D, C, B, A, or S by difficulty. "Ex challenges," "animal unlock challenges," and "costume

A challenge notification.

unlock challenges" are also available. Challenge completion is carried over across generations, but when beginning a new game after dying, the E- to S-ranked regular missions are reset.

Challenge Alarm

When Challenges are triggered, a large alarm notice is shown on-screen. Details on the Challenges can be viewed in the appropriate Menu screen.

Challenge Completion and Failure

Challenges each have a time limit. Completing a Challenge within the allotted time counts as clearing the Challenge, while failing to do so is counted as failure. Failed challenges cannot be retried. Learn from your mistakes and complete the Challenge on your next new game playthrough!

Challenge Expire Times:

  • E Rank: Years 1-10
  • D Rank: Years 11-20
  • C Rank: Years 21-30
  • B Rank: Years 31-45
  • A Rank: Years 46-60
  • S Rank: Years 61-75
  • Animal Unlock challenges: Expires 30 years after activation

Challenge Types:

  • Intake # kcal
  • Eat a Flower/Grass/Mushroom/Fruit (Grazers only)
  • Defeat # animal(s)
  • Score # clean kills (Predators only)
  • Mark # time(s)
  • Change generations # time(s)
  • Head for [location]
  • Find the [special location]
  • Defeat the [animal] boss
  • Find the [animal] boss
  • Claim the [animal]'s territory

Completion Rewards

Complete Challenges to earn Survival Points, unlock new Costumes and the ability to purchase new Animal species, or gain Stat bonuses.

Multiplayer Challenges

Challenges are shared between players in Multiplayer mode, enabling 1P and 2P to work together to complete them. Challenges are determined based on player one's animal.