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  • 56 (Chick)
  • 200 (Chicken)

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Sika Deer



The chick is the smallest animal playable in the game.


A chick is the juvenile stage of a chicken. A chicken is a domesticated fowl and probably the most common and widespread domestic animal with a population of more than 24 billion. Humans keep chickens primarily as a source of food, consuming both their meat and their eggs.

Life as a Chick

The Chick is the first size 1 grazer it is possible to unlock. When the player first spawns as a Chick, it is notable that it has the lowest base Attack, Speed, and Defense of any animal in the game, hampered further by the fact it is only size 1, and unable to clean kill even the smallest of predators. The Chick does, however, share a trait only otherwise seen in the Lion: A juvenile form.

Once a chick has managed to mark a territory, it can use the nest to sleep, at which point it will grow into an adult rooster. While its increase in Life and Attack is marginal, it will now have a high average speed, making it easier to flee or avoid predators. It can also now seek out a mate and change generations, at which point you will return to the juvenile form as the chick to repeat the process. Unlike the Lion, there is no ranking advantage to being a Chick, and it is best to seek a nest as quickly as possible.

Due to the added challenge of its juvenile stage, the Chick's low stats, and its size, the Chick as widely considered the most difficult animal to play as in the game. Some of the more hardcore players will often attempt to test their skill by taking the Chick past the full 100 years.

Unique Challenges:

  • Find the Rabbit boss - Unlocks Rabbit
  • Complete all E challenges - Rewards Hero Scarf

Chicks as Prey

Chicks and Chicken are among the most common grazers seen throughout the early years, especially around the southern territories of Shibuya. Chicks are easy targets for even the smallest predators, but offer very little in the way of calories. What they lack in calories though, they tend to make up for in numbers.


Stats Stage Life Attack Defense Stamina Hunger Speed Size
Base Chick 45 10 10 75 45 160 Small (1)
Max 345 210 30 275 65
Base Chicken 45 20 20 75 45 290 Small (1)
Max 345 220 40 275 65

Ranks & Mates

Rank Req. Kcals Mate Litter Size
Rookie 0 Desperate 3
Veteran 400 Average 5
Boss 800 Prime 7


Tokyo Jungle Survive over 100 years (Chick) Part 1

Tokyo Jungle Survive over 100 years (Chick) Part 1


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