Clothing and accessories are wearable items that can be obtained and used in Survival Mode to boost Stats or provide various other bonuses. Each article of Clothing has a certain amount

A white cat, wearing multiple articles of clothing.

of Durability that wears down through combat and will not be replenished even after a session ends. Once its Durability reaches 0, it will break and be lost, however there is no article of Clothing that cannot be obtained multiple times, except for DLC clothing, however these articles cannot break.

Clothing can be obtained in one of five different ways;

  • Random Drop: The most common way to obtain some basic types of Clothing is randomly after fully consuming plants or animals. It appears in item boxes, and Clothing gathered this way can be obtained multiple times. However, there is no Clothing item obtained this way that cannot be obtained through Challenges or Events, nor is there any type of randomly dropped Clothing that cannot be bought in the Store if it has been found at least once.
  • Challenges: Many animals have one or more unique Challenges that allow them to obtain a certain article of Clothing by completing all three Challenges in a certain rank, for instance a Flak Vest. These Challenges can only be completed one time, after which the article of Clothing will be permanently added to the Store. If the article of Clothing was already obtained through a random drop, the Challenge will be automatically removed. There is no article obtained through Challenges that cannot be bought in the Store.
  • Events: Certain random Events offer a Boss that will be wearing a special piece of Clothing. If that boss is killed and fully consumed they will always drop that article of Clothing. These Events can be repeated and articles of Clothing can be obtained multiple times. Some articles of Clothing obtained this way cannot be purchased in the Store and can only be obtained through that event.
  • Store: Once an article of Clothing has been obtained, it is usually added to the Store, where multiple copies can be purchased in exchange for Survival Points. The articles of Clothing that can be bought are restricted to any type that can be equipped by a Wolf. Articles of Clothing that are unique to other specific types of animals cannot be obtained this way.
  • Download: There are three DLC packs that can be obtained through the Playstation Store that offer unique articles of Clothing. These articles of clothing are the only ones with infinite durability on top of the usual stat changes and none can be obtained more than once.