Here follows a list of controls:


Left Stick: Move (Pushing the left stick slightly will make your character walk, pushing it completely in the direction will make them run in that direction.)

Right Stick: Dodge (push right stick in the direction to dodge. Uses up Stamina.)

Protip: As a carnivore, if you Clean Kill, or finish off an animal with a Fatal Lunge, you can use Dodge to jump away immediately after killing them. This is useful against a lot of enemies. This does not always work with an herbivore.


Square: Attack/Combo (Pressing square once makes your character attack, pressing it three times makes your character do a three-attack combo with the last attack knocking down whatever was hit by it. Small grazers cannot use the combo attack.)

Circle: Eat (Tap), Drink (Tap), Carry Prey (Press and hold to pick up, tap once to release.)

X: Jump (If you are a small grazer, Size 3 or smaller, you can double-tap X to double-jump. This is useful to escape predators.)

Triangle: Predators; press and hold to order your companions to attack nearby animals. Grazers; tap and one of your companions will fall down and do the "Stunned" animation, acting as a decoy for predators.

Note: If you are playing a Predator with an NPC ability, such as the Tosa's Charge or the Saber-Toothed Tiger's Leap, if you continually hold down the Triangle, if given the opportunity, your fellow animals will use their special NPC attack.


L1: Crouch/Sneak (Hold to continue sneaking. For animals size 4 or smaller, going into tall grass will auto-Crouch them until they step out of the grass, unless they are still holding L1 when they step out.)

R1: Fatal Lunge (If you press R1 when you see bright red jaws on an animal when they have not noticed you (bright blue for player two) this will initiate a clean kill unless they spot you while you lunge. (For animals you don't have enough attack to clean kill, it will score you a Critical; rapidly tap R1 to get as many hits in as possible before you're forced to let go.) This can also be used to instantly deplete the rest of a fleeing animal's Life or the Life of an animal whose defense you broke with your attacks.)

R1 Extra: If you are a Grazer who cannot Clean Kill an animal, it will say, "Critical!" like it does with Predators, however it will knock down and stun the receiver of the hit, which is useful if you need to quickly bypass a persistent predator.

R3: Roar (i.e., a Cat would meow, a Wolf would bark, a Tiger would snarl.)


Up Arrow: Open "consumable item" inventory. (Using these Consumables has a variety of effects; for example, a Pet Pharmaceutical would revive a dead player in Multiplayer.)

Start: Menu (From which you can check your goals, accessorize your animal, look at your Archives, view the help menu, and quit the survival).

Select: Show controls in-game. Extra: In Act. 7: Lioness's Hunting Diary, pressing SELECT will show the prey you still need to kill.