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ERC-003 is the robot dog who is the main character in the last 2 Acts of Story Mode. ERC-003 is unlocked by completing the final Act in Story Mode by not entering the storage container. One bonus to playing as ERC-003 is that it cannot die of old age. However, it cannot mate. Despite being a robot, it can still be afflicted by Toxicity and still needs to eat. 


ERC-003 is an AIBO (Artificial Intelligence Robot). While the ERC-003 is a fictional version of AIBO, the true AIBOs are a series of robot pets designed and manufactured by Sony. The ERC-003 runs using a special power system that converts biological material into energy. This effectively means that not intaking biological material will cause the robot to power down and die. In this sense, the ERC-003 has to eat to live, much like a normal animal. This was designed to make the robot cheaper to care for when distributed to customers, as they would be able to eat the same food as a normal pet.

Life as ERC-003

ERC-003 is a special Size 2 Predator that can be unlocked in Survival Mode, and the first of the robot dogs. ERC-003 has extremely high base Stats for its Size, but as it cannot breed these Stats can never be permanently raised, allowing other animals to surpass it through development. The ECR-003 unit will also never age, so playing as ERC-003 offers a slightly different style of gameplay. Players must consider that once a territory has been marked it will remain that way, so if they wish to complete all challenges they must plan ahead. While ERC-003's Stats cannot be permanently raised, it will never lose bonuses earned from completing Challenges until the end of the session.


Life Attack Defense Stamina Hunger Speed Size
500 80 50 250 80 280 Small (2)

Ranks & Mates

Rank Req. Kcals
Rookie 0
Veteran 1000
Boss 2000


If you have unlocked the fourteenth act and the Underground Facility by picking up the USB and the Archives, but have not completed the fourteenth act, if you reach the end by the stream and the "Hero's Graveyard", ERC-003's body will be there despite the fact that you have not completed the fourteenth act.



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