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The ERC-2000 is a robot dog unlocked in Story Mode by not entering the storage container.


ERC-2000 is an AIBO (Artificial Intelligence Robot). While the ERC-2000 is a fictional version of AIBO, the true AIBOs are a series of robot pets designed and manufactured by Sony. The ERC-2000 runs using a special power system that converts biological material into energy. This effectively means that not intaking biological material will cause the robot to power down and die. In this sense, the ERC-2000 has to eat to live, much like a normal animal.

Life as ERC-2000

ERC-2000 is a special size 2 predator that can be unlocked in Survival Mode, and the second of the robot dogs. ERC-2000 has extremely high base stats for its size, but as in cannot breed these stats can never be permanently raised, allowing other animals to surpass it through development. Compared to the 003 model, the ERC-2000 model boasts slightly higher Attack, but noticeably lower Life and Hunger, making it a bit more difficult to use. Overall the ERC-2000 offers the same changes in gameplay present in using the ERC-003.

ERC-2000 as Prey

Unlike ERC-003, the ERC-2000 model can be found within Survival Mode. It will always appear in a large pack during one of the Events called The Dogs Of The Iron Fang have claimed X, but can be more commonly found in the Underground Facility once it has been unlocked. ERC-2000 units are stronger than most size 2 predators, but their defense can be broken pretty quickly. They are most dangerous when they appear in large groups, as they can quickly chip away a weaker animal's life. Ultimately however, destroying an ERC-2000 unit will offer no reward, as they cannot be eaten.


Life Attack Defense Stamina Hunger Speed Size
300 90 50 250 60 280 Small (2)

Ranks & Mates

Rank Req. Kcals
Rookie 0
Veteran 1000
Boss 2000
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