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The ERC-X is a robot dog who is a support character and later antagonist in the last 2 Acts of Story Mode. It is unlocked by purchasing DLC. Stat wise, it has the max in life and stamina. One bonus to playing as ERC-X is that it cannot die of old age. However, it cannot mate. Despite being a robot, it can still be afflicted by toxicity and still needs to eat.


ERC-X is an AIBO (Artificial Intelligence Robot). While the ERC-X is a fictional version of AIBO, the true AIBOs are a series of robot pets designed and manufactured by Sony. The ERC-X runs using a special power system that converts biological material into energy. This effectively means that not intaking biological material will cause the robot to power down and die. In this sense, the ERC-X has to eat to live, much like a normal animal.

Life as ERC-X

The ERC-X is a DLC Pack #3 size 3 special predator available for purchase, and the third of the robot dogs. ERC-X has extremely high base stats for its size, but as it cannot breed these stats can never be permanently raised, allowing other animals to surpass it through development. Compared to the ERC-003 model, ERC-X has improved to equal stats in everything but Hunger, and with its increased size of 3 it becomes a much easier robot dog to use. As with the other ERC robots, ERC-X will never age, and possesses the same new play style and challenges present in ERC-003. Predictably, ERC-X has a friendly relationship with ERC-2000, so even if they were not robots, ERC-X would not be able to consume them.

ERC-X as Prey

ERC-X is only seen under one circumstance in Survival Mode, and that is during the randomly initiated Dogs of the Iron Fang Event. During this event, ERC-X will be the leader of a large pack of ERC-2000 models and is labelled as a boss target. Unless clean killed, ERC-X can prove to be quite a challenge for predators of an equal or lesser size, but even should it be destroyed, its remains cannot be eaten. Its destruction will end the event.


Life Attack Defense Stamina Hunger Speed Size
600 90 50 300 60 280 Small (3)


Rank Req. Kcals
Rookie 0
Veteran 1000
Boss 2000
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