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Giant Moa

The Elephant is unlocked by completing the Ostrich challenge.


Elephants are large mammals of the family Elephantidae. Elephants are herbivorous and can be found in different habitats including savannahs, forests, deserts and marshes. They prefer to stay near water. They are considered to be keystone species due to their impact on their environments. Other animals tend to keep their distance, and predators such as lions, tigers, hyenas and wild dogs usually target only the young elephants (calves). Females (cows) tend to live in family groups, which can consist of one female with her calves or several related females with offspring. Males (bulls) leave their family groups when they reach puberty, and may live alone or with other males.

Life as an Elephant

The Elephant is the first non-DLC size 6 Grazer it is possible to unlock. As would be expected, the Elephant is large with very slow movement speed and poor base Stamina. It's large and cumbersome frame makes it bad at fleeing, but it has a very high base Life, Attack, and Defense. The Elephant's attacks are slow but can quickly break the defense of most predators for a quick critical hit. While the Elephant has the advantage in a one-on-one fight, it can be quickly overwhelmed by groups of foes.

Unique Challenges:

Elephants as Prey

The Elephant is a very rare sight early in the game, but in the later years they're often seen on their own in wide open areas such as Yoyogi Park or Shibuya Station. They'll usually ignore smaller predators that shouldn't be able to Clean Kill them unless they are attacked first. The Elephant is the target of only the largest Predators, and is worth a good deal of calories to any Predator able to take it down. Thanks to its slow movement speed, it's easy to chase even when alerted.


Stats Life Attack Defense Stamina Hunger Speed Size
Base 280 200 95 20 20 255 Large (6)
Max 580 400 115 220 40

Ranks & Mates

Rank Req. Kcals Mate Litter Size
Rookie 0 Desperate 2
Veteran 1600 Average 3
Boss 3200 Prime 4
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