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The Homo Erectus, or Peking Man, is one of the two humanoids in the game. It does not mate, it can only sleep in a nest once it claims the area. In Survival Mode, the Homo Erectus populate the direct surroundings of the player after having mated after the 100 Year Mark.


Homo Erectus (Upright Man) is an extinct species of hominin that lived throughout most of the Pleistocene, 1.8 million to 143 thousand years ago. Homo Erectus used more diverse and sophisticated stone tools than its predecessors and even learned to control fire.

Life as Homo Erectus

The Homo Erectus is a DLC Pack #3 size 3 special predator available for purchase. The Homo Erectus has very high base stats for its size, but as it cannot breed these stats can never be permanently raised, allowing other animals to surpass it through development. Playing as the Homo Erectus offers a slightly different style of game to any other animal. At around the age of 55 the Homo Erectus will begin to age, reaching absolute 0 Hunger by the age of 60, making completing rank S challenges extremely difficult. Players must also consider that once a territory has been marked it will remain that way, so if they wish to complete challenges they must plan ahead. While Homo Erectus's stats cannot be permanently raised, it will never lose bonuses earned from completing challenges until the end of the session.

Homo Erectus as Prey

Although on rare occasions small packs have been known to appear in the buildings to the north of the Shibuya Woods, Homo Erectus should not appear anywhere on the map until the 100th year rolls around. Once the time has come, all territories above and below ground will become inundated with large packs of them and other animals will become extremely rare, quickly being killed and eaten by any nearby Homo Erectus. 

Despite their size they are extremely hardy, with even a fully levelled Dilophosaurus struggling to take down a small number and their remains cannot be eaten even when they are slain. The Homo Erectus effectively exists to end the player's game, although more resilient gamers can still resolve to carry on living as long as possible as the years do not stop passing nor Survival Points building until all your animals are dead.

However, while direct combat can often border on hopeless for players using small- to mid-size predators, there are a few characteristics of Homo Erectus to keep in mind that can be of great aid in the struggle for continued survival. Homo Erectus tend to become winded and tired after prolonged combat, pausing for several seconds to catch their breath, and leaving themselves open to repeated attacks. They also, compared to other predators, seem to be less responsive to another animal passing closely within their proximity out of line of sight, allowing the player to quickly run between more dispersed groups with their backs turned (although moving across water and debris will alert as normal). When combat is unavoidable, stealth attacks can often provide immediate clean kills as well, at least for size three animals with medium Attack attributes; this is especially useful for initially engaging groups of two Homo Erectus or more—the player will be left to deal with only one enemy, and can then fight defensively, keeping distance between themselves and their target while waiting for the chance to perform a dodge-and-execute attack. 


Life Attack Defense Stamina Hunger Speed Size
350 120 40 120 20 290 Small (3)


Rank Req. Kcals
Rookie 0
Veteran 1800
Boss 3600
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