The Map in Tokyo Jungle is made up of twelve different territories, interconnected throughout each other. There are unique features in different areas, such objectives for challenges, or permanently fresh water. Some areas are completely inaccessible to select playable species due to size restrictions.

Shibuya Station


Shibuya Station map.

A new Survival Mode game always begins in the Shibuya Station area. It has water sources which will stay fresh despite the current Toxicity level in the area.

There is one nest in Shibuya Station, central to the territory, on top of an overpass.

Challenge Objective Locations
Shibuya Station Parking Lot

Slightly east of the overpass.

(Shibuya Station Bicycle Parking)

Access to:

  • Dogenzaka (W exit)
  • Shibuya Suburbs (E exit)
  • The Sewer (in the middle of the territory; access must be unlocked from the Sewer side, and will be open until the next Survival game)

Shibuya Shop District

The Shibuya Shop District has two nests and two small watering holes located north on the map.

The first nest is north down an alleyway and the second is south on the map above the building marked ABC-MART.

Challenge Objective Locations
Alley of Delights North of the southern nest is a small black billboard.
Billiards Galore West of the north nest. Entered from the building marked Claudio.
South Shibuya Post Office South of the map, to the east of the territory mark.
Vintage Threads South of the map, to the west of the territory mark.

Access to:

  • Shibuya Station (N exit)
  • Shibuya Suburbs (SW exit)

Shibuya Suburbs

The Shibuya Suburbs has two nests and three small watering holes.

The first nest is located to the southeast next to a watering hole. The second is north, on the rooftops near the Tosa doghouse. The second nest is also where Pooch's Place is located.

Challenge Objective Locations
Aerial Gardens East of the north nest.
Eins Mode Between the northwest and southwest territory marks. It is a red billboard.
Giant Tuna A giant fish east of the northern territory mark.
Pooch's Place North nest, on the rooftops, just west of Aerial Gardens.
Samoyed Enterprises Southwest of the center territory mark.
Vantage of Tokyo Tower Southeast upon entering from the Shop District. Climb onto the broken bridge or stand in gap.

Access to:SE exit)

  • The Sewers (N exit, through a manhole)


Dogenzaka has one nest and no watering holes.

The nest is located northeast at a dead end.

Challenge Objective Locations
Brand-New Smart Phone Billboard East of the center territory mark. It's the "coming soon" billboard.
BuJin East of the south territory mark on the corner of the intersection.
JUNGLE24 East of the center territory mark past the "coming soon" billboard.
Merchantarium West of the center territory mark.

Access to:

  • Shibuya Station (SE exit)
  • Shibuya Wood (N exit)

Shibuya Woods

Shibuya Woods has one nest and five watering holes.

The nest is in the center and the watering holes are scattered across the map.

This is the largest territory.

Challenge Objective Locations
CLUB VISION North of the nest, across the fallen building to the east.
Convenience Store Plaza East of the nest; a red & white building.
Forest Cave Small path south of the nest.
ParKings West when entering from Dogenzaka.

Access to:

  • Dogenzaka (SW exit)
  • Sewers (SE exit, through a pipe)
  • Yamanote Line East (NW exit)

Yamanote Line East

Yamanote Line East has one nest and two large watering holes.

The nest is in the center of the map and both watering holes are to the west when entering from Shibuya Woods.

Challenge Objective Locations
Stonehenge Center of the east watering hole.
Sunken Car A blue car on the edge of the west watering hole.

Access to:

  • Shibuya Woods (S exit)
  • Yamanote Line West (W exit)

Yamanote Line West

Yamanote Line West has two nests and no watering holes.

One nest is to the far east and the other is to far west.

Challenge Objective Locations
Harajuku Station Timetable The pillar left of the west nest.
Jingu-Bashi Center of the second bridge reached by climbing the first eastern train.

Access to:

  • Yamanote Line East (E exit)
  • Yoyogi Park West (W exit)

Yoyogi Park West

Yoyogi Park West has one nest and two watering holes.

The nest is northeast and both watering holes are west of the nest.

Challenge Objective Locations
Yakisoba Stand At the entrance of Yoyogi Park East.

Access to:

  • Yamanote Line West (N exit)
  • Yoyogi Park East (E exit)

Yoyogi Park East

Yoyogi Park East has one nest and one large watering hole.

The nest is northeast and the watering hole in the center of the map.

Access to:

  • Yoyogi Park West (W exit)
  • Yoyogi Park Under (Six scattered holes, exit)
  • The Sewers (SE exit hole)

Yoyogi Park Under

Yoyogi Park Under has two nests and one large watering hole.

First nest is center of the map the second is southwest of the first nest. Water covers the floor at the bottom.

This is the smallest territory.

Homo Erectus does not spawn here. Living here off water and sleeping is a good way to live past Year 100.

Access to:

  • Yoyogi Park East (Six scattered exit holes leading up to the surface)

The Sewers

The Sewers is an underground area that leads to many other areas, and it's the only area that leads to the Underground Facility.

There is only one nest in the center of the map and seven scattered water locations that are always toxic. 

Access to:

  • Shibuya Suburbs (SW exit)
  • Shibuya Station (Center exit, through a pipe)
  • Shibuya Woods (NW exit)
  • Yoyogi Park East (N exit)
  • Underground Facility (NE exit)

Underground Facility

The Underground Facility is locked in Survival Mode until completion of Act 13 of Story Mode. After completing, the player must find the Key Card to unlock it permanently. There is one nest located in the northeast and no watering holes.

Prehistoric animals are normally found here along with AIBO robot dogs.

Access to:

  • The Sewers (SW exit)
  • Yoyogi Park East (NW, exit only)