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The Office Worker, Salary Man, or Business Man is one of the characters purchasable via the online store. Its overall behavior can be described as 'quirky' when judged by its movement and sound effects. This character is one of the two humanoids in the game. It does not mate, it can only sleep in a nest once it claims the area.


An office worker is an employee who works in an office setting. The duties of these employees vary by company, size of company and industry.

Life as the Last Man on Earth

The Office Worker is a DLC Pack #3 size 4 special grazer available for purchase. The Office Worker has high base stats for its size, but as he cannot breed these stats can never be permanently raised, allowing other animals to surpass him through development. Playing as the Office Worker offers a slightly different style of game to any other animal. At around the age of 55 the Office Worker will begin to age, reaching absolute 0 Hunger by the age of 60, making completing rank S challenges extremely difficult. Players must also consider that once a territory has been marked it will remain that way, so if they wish to complete challenges they must plan ahead. The Office Worker can't wear most shirts, which give more defense, which makes it challenging for players who use shirts like the Tuxedo. While the Office Worker's stats cannot be permanently raised, he will never lose bonuses earned from completing challenges until the end of the session.


Life Attack Defense Stamina Hunger Speed Size
200 80 30 100 25 290 Medium (4)

Ranks & Mates

Rank Req. Kcals
Rookie 0
Veteran 1600
Boss 3200
Salaryman businessman

Salaryman businessman

Gameplay of the Office Worker.