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Pteranodons are one of the six unplayable flying animals that appear within Tokyo Jungle.


Pteranodon (Toothless Wing) is a genus of pterosaurs which included some of the largest known flying reptiles. It existed during the late Cretaceous geological period. Pteranodon had toothless beaks, similar to those of modern birds. Pteranodon has narrow neural spines on the vertebrae, plate-like bony ligaments strengthening the vertebrae above the hip, and a relatively short tail in which the last few vertebrae are fused into a long rod.

Pteranodons as Prey

The Pteranodon will not appear until the 61st year, when other ancient animals begin to appear. They can only be found in the skies above the Yamanote Line and Yoyogi Park, although they can sometimes be found roosting on top of train cars or vines. Baby Pteranodons can also occasionally spawn in the nests on the train cars, where they are quite helpless and easy targets for predators.

While hunting, adult Pteranodons will pursue the player's animal while they are in the open, and can attack by swooping down, causing extremely heavy damage before quickly returning to the skies. If timed correctly, the attack can be avoid using a stamina dodge, and should the Pteranodon fail to hit anything their beak will become trapped in the earth, opening them up to a well timed counter attack. Even should you manage to slay one though, it offers surprisingly little in the way of calories and is rarely worth the effort or risk.