The Saber-Toothed Tiger is a DLC predator.

Saber-Toothed Tiger
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The Smilodon, more commonly and incorrectly known as the Saber-Tooth Tiger, is a prehistoric, large feline from the Pleistocene Epoch.

Life as a Saber-Toothed Tiger

The Saber-Toothed Tiger is a DLC Pack #3 size 5 predator available for purchase. The Saber-Tooth boasts decent base Life, Attack, and Defense but suffers from very low base Hunger. While its high average movement and attack speed are on par with the Tiger, the restrictions imposed on it as a size 5 animal make it noticeably more difficult to use. The Saber-Tooth is somewhat of an intermediate size 5 predator to master, falling somewhere between the Deinonychus and the Bear.

Unique Challenges:

Saber-Toothed Tigers as Prey

While very rare to see during the early to mid years outside of Events or the Underground Facility, the Saber-Toothed Tiger becomes far more common throughout most territories around the 61st year, with the only break being in the Sewer. While powerful, the Saber-Tooth is easier to escape than the other predators that begin to appear around this time thanks to its slightly lower speed, but slower animals may still wish to take advantage of the restriction imposed on it by its size. The Saber-Tooth has some pretty powerful attacks and it can be hard to break its defense, making it a challenge to take on in open combat. It can also use the devastating Pounce enemy skill, that if successful will cause heavy damage and knock their target off its feet. When a Saber-Tooth is about to pounce, it will spin once, giving the player time to ready their stamina jump to avoid it. If successful avoided, the Saber-Tooth's teeth will become stuck in the ground, either opening it up to attack or allowing time to escape.


Stats Life Attack Defense Stamina Hunger Speed Size
Base 150 145 90 50 10 290 Large (5)
Max 450 345 110 250 30

Ranks & Mates

Rank Req. Kcals Mate Litter Size
Rookie 0 Desperate 2
Veteran 2400 Average 3
Boss 4800 Prime 4
Tokyo Jungle - Survive over 100 years (Saber-Toothed Tiger) Part 1 of 5

Tokyo Jungle - Survive over 100 years (Saber-Toothed Tiger) Part 1 of 5


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