The size of the animal you choose has five different effects on the game:

Clean Kills:

Predators can clean kill any animal that is up to one size greater than itself, while Grazers can only clean kill animals that are equal or smaller in size.


All animals of sizes 1 to 4 have the ability to hide in tall grass to escape potential threats or stalk prey without being detected. All animals of sizes 5 and 6 are unable to use grass as cover, and running through it will not cause them to enter stealth mode.


All Grazers of sizes 1 to 4 have the ability to perform double jumps by tapping the jump button a second time while in the air. All Predators or Grazers of size 5 or 6, however, can only perform single jumps.

Carrying Carcasses:

You can only carry carcasses of animals that are smaller than yourself and have a size of 3 or less.

Access to Areas:

Small animals (sizes 1 to 3) have access to all areas of the map. Medium sized animals (size 4) cannot climb the sides of buildings and will lose access to some nests. Large animals (sizes 5 and 6) have the toughest restrictions, losing access to trains or other narrow passages and all underground areas.

The size of your animal will also affect the layout of the area with cars, vines, holes, or larger obstacles removed entirely for larger animals to get through. However, NPC animals may still spawn, and some events may take place in these inaccessible areas.


  • Small: 1-3
  • Medium: 4 
  • Large: 5-6

Predator Sizes:

1# None

2# Pomeranian, Cat, Lion Cub, ERC-003, ERC-2000, Silky Terrier, Fat Cat

3# Beagle, Retriever, Tosa, Wolf, Jackal, Lycaon, Hyena, ERC-XHomo Erectus

4# Cheetah, Panther, Tiger, Lion

5# Bear, Polar Bear, Deinonychus, Crocodile, Saber-Toothed Tiger

6# Dilophosaurus

Grazer Sizes:

1# Chick, Chicken, Rabbit, Porcupine

2# Sika Deer, Pig, Chimpanzee

3# Gazelle, Blackbuck, Axis Deer, Sheep, Goat, Boar

4# Panda, Office Worker

5# Thoroughbred, Zebra, Dairy Cow, Buffalo, Hippo, Ostrich, Kangaroo

6# Giant Moa, Elephant, Mammoth, Giraffe