Story Mode allows you to play different Acts, each unlocked by finding Archives in Survival Mode.

Act. Ex (Tutorial)

"Mankind has vanished, leaving Tokyo overrun with animals fighting to survive. Let's take a closer look at this brave new natural order."

Character - Pomeranian

Act. 1 (Pampered to Survival Mode)

"The pet food at home has run out and there's no one left to care for you. You must now fend for yourself. It's time to wake the wild beast within the Pomeranian."

Character - Pomeranian

Act. 2 (Use that Instinct)

"The Pomeranian, feasting on Rabbits and taking territory from Cats, has grown into a fully-fledged hunter. Along with Pomeranian pride, an uncontrollable urge has awakened."

Character - Pomeranian

Act. 3 (1,000 Miles from Mother)

"You're a lost fawn desperately seeking your mother. Her protection is needed for you to survive in this predator-infested city. Follow your mother's faint scent to feel her love again."

Character - Sika Deer

Act. 4 (Down with the Tosas)

"You're sick of being walked all over like some sort of lapdog. Sever the lead that's holding you back and gain freedom, but you may get more than you bargained for..."

Character - Beagle

Act. 5 (Shattered Pride)

"Your pride as the top dog was shattered in the defeat by the Beagles, but you must elude them if you want to survive."

Character - Tosa

Act. 6 (May the Best Dog Win)

"After being wounded in the battle with the Tosa's, the Beagle boss is handing over leadership to one of the two promising young Beagles. Your battle to be top dog is about to begin."

Character - Beagle

Act. 7 (Lioness's Hunting Diary)

"The males and cubs count on the Lionesses to provide food. Hunt again today within the Yamanote Line where Pteranodons circle."

Character - Lion (specifically Lioness)

Act. 8 (A Spy is Born)

"Today brings another request for help from the Nomad Lions. For your support, the Hyenas will be allowed to hunt in the Lion's territory. The Hyenas' top-secret work is once again about to begin."

Character - Hyena

Act. 9 (In Defense of the Pride)

"The Lion boss has been told of a planned attack by Nomads and Hyenas. Protect the pride and ensure that your offspring survive."

Character - Lion

Act. 10 (A Fateful Meeting)

"Escaping pursuit from the Beagles, the Tosas reached Shibuya Woods. Without a place to call their own however, life now hangs by a thread."

Character - Tosa

Act. 11 (To the Ends of the Sewer)

"The Nomads and Hyenas failed to take over the pride, but their ambition is still intact. Their next target is..."

Character - Hyena

Act. 12 (The Return of the Tosas)

+ "You've honed your skills as top dog under the tutelage of a mighty Bear, but returning to your former territory for vengeance upon the Beagles, something unexpected was waiting.."

Character - Tosa

Act. 13 (The Robotic Dog's Journey)

"The Robotic Dog had no memories, then a messenger appeared. And so began the tale of the Robotic Dog and his quest to find his roots."

Character - ERC-003

Act. 14 (Tokyo Jungle)

"The reason Mankind vanished... The forgotten mission of the Robotic Dog. The Robotic Dog feels reality closing in. Has this tale reached its end?"

Character - ERC-003


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