Survival points can be gained in several ways.


Survival Points

Survival Points are a type of currency gained during Survival Mode, in either Singleplayer or Multiplayer. They are gained by...

  • Elapsing years. The amount of SP gained per elapsed year depends on the size of an animal. Here is the sizes of the animal, and what amount of point they gain; Size 1 gains: 450 points a year. A size 2, like Size 1, gains 450 points. All size 3 animals earn 390 a year. A size 4 would gather 330 points per year.
  • Eating food. At every 500 Calories you gain a designated amount of points based on your size as well. A size 1 gains 450 points. A Size 2 gains 375 per 500 calories. Size 3s gain 325, similar to the amount they give for ranking up. 275 for a Size 4 animal such as the Cheetah,
  • Completing Challenges. Depending on the grade of challenge, it will give you more points. For example, an E-rank challenge would give the lowest amount of points, perhaps next to the Ex. Challenges, while an S-rank would give the largest amount of points.
  • Changing generations. Size 2 animals earn 725 points per mate. Size 3s add 630. A Size 4 animal gains 550 SP per mate.
  • Claiming territories. Claiming a territory by marking the four points will add 550 of points to your final amount of points if you are a size 4. Size 1 animals gain (possibly) gain 850. Size 2s (may) gain 750. Size 3s gain 650 points.
  • And ranking up. A size one herbivore, such as a rabbit, gains 1440 points. A Size 2 Predator (Cat, in this case) adds 1200 points to its score by ranking up. A Size 3 offers 390 per rankup.

Wearing certain items will increase the amount of Survival Points, also called SP, gained by certain things. For instance, wearing the Master's Choker and the Ribbon or the Posh Hat, Posh Choker, Posh Ensemble, and Posh Pumps would add a significant boost to your SP gain.

You can use your total SP gathered in the in-game Tokyo jungle Store to buy any Clothing item that can fit a Wolf, with the exceptions of the DLC items, or the Tuxedo, so long as they have been obtained in normal Survival Mode. It can also be used to purchase new animals for certain amounts of points. For instance, unlocking the Chick through the Sika Deer would deplete your cache of SP by 6,000, while unlocking the Dilophosaurus by way of the Deinonychus would require 195,000 points.