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Tigers are big cats ranging from China to Siberia. They are the largest of any cat species as well. Tigers live solitary lives, except for when a female is raising cubs. They prey on animals such as deer, buffalo, goats, and bears. The stripes of a tiger help to break up its appearance amongst the foliage so that it can remain undetected by prey, or potential enemies such as humans.

Life as a Tiger

The Tiger is the third size 4 predator you can play as. Tigers have the highest base Life of any size 4 predator as well as decent base Defense and Attack power. They do, however, still suffer from the same low Hunger present in the previous big cats, but only have a high average Speed. Tigers can prove to be a bit tougher to keep fed than Cheetahs or Panthers thanks to their lower Speed, but they are far more suited for open combat even with larger prey.

Unique Challenges:

  • Claim the Lion's territory - Unlocks Lion
  • Complete all B challenges - Rewards Noh Mask
  • Complete all A challenges - Rewards Noh Robes
  • Complete all S challenges - Rewards White Tabi

Tigers as Prey

The tiger is vulnerable to predators such as the wolf or hyena, and anything larger. It is best to avoid direct combat without a decent sized pack, as they have the Charged Attack ability which can do a lot of damage to whatever it hits. The one advantage in fighting the tiger is that, unlike the lion, tigers live alone or sometimes in pairs. Tigers can and will flee from a fight if there is an overwhelming force. They will start out with a speedy sprint, but will slow down significantly if they can be kept track of, and can be outran fairly easily when they get to that point.


Stats Life Attack Defense Stamina Hunger Speed Size
Base 130 145 80 55 15 290 Medium (4)
Max 430 345 100 255 35

Ranks & Mates

Rank Req. Kcals Mate Litter Size
Rookie 0 Desperate 2
Veteran 2200 Average 3
Boss 4400 Prime 4


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