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The Tosa is the strongest breed of domesticated dog in Tokyo Jungle. The Tosa's devastating Charge attack deals a large amount of damage, making the Tosa boss one of the harder unlocks in the game. In Story Mode, the Tosa leader, the Yokozuna, is at war with the Beagles.


The Tosa is a medium to large dog breed of Japanese origin that is considered rare. Tosas were originally bred as fighting dogs, and still are. Ownership of Tosas is legally restricted in certain jurisdictions, as they can be dangerous dogs if not kept by an experienced dog owner.

Life as a Tosa

The Tosa is the third non-DLC size 3 predator it is possible to play as, and among the most hardy of the dog class. While the Tosa's base Hunger is the lowest of the size 3 predators, its life and attack are among the highest, not counting the over-powered ERC-X. Its speed is of a high average, compensating for its low Stamina, and while its attack chain is quite slow, it's good at breaking enemy defense in open combat.

Unique Challenges:

  • Defeat the Wolf boss - Unlocks Wolf
  • Complete all C challenges - Rewards Kendo Mask

Tosas as Prey

The Tosa is a fairly uncommon sight around most territories outside of Events, but it will sometimes appear in small packs. If it is sighted, it is often near the Yamanote Line's watering holes in the early years or wandering about the Sewers. Anyone playing a Size 2 predator must tread carefully when Tosas are around, as a Tosa will almost always beat a smaller predator. If you find a Tosa pack, it would be useful to have your own pack. The Tosa has the Charge Special Attack, which will do high damage and stun whatever it hits. In a one-on-one fight, it is best to manuever around the Tosa as much as possible and attack when it tires out, as it will likely win in a battle of the strengths if the player isn't a Homo Erectus, Robot Dog, or Size 4 or larger predator. The best method, of course, is to try for clean kills.


Stats Life Attack Defense Stamina Hunger Speed Size
Base 90 65 50 30 20 290 Small (3)
Max 390 265 70 230 40

Ranks & Mates

Rank Req. Kcals Mate Litter Size
Rookie 0 Desperate 2
Veteran 1000 Average 3
Boss 2000 Prime 4


If you equip the Yokozuna (Mawashi) item as the Tosa, checking your "name" on the map page will tell you that you are a Porcupine. This is due to being misdubbed when being programmed.