Toxicity is a game mechanic influenced by ambient weather and decaying food.


Certain conditions may cause the Toxicity Meter on the game HUD to climb or spike, such as:

Toxic fog. The HUD on the right indicates high levels of Toxicity.

  • Moving through or residing in a polluted territory
  • Consuming polluted water or food

A polluted source of food or water will be found a deep and faintly glowing purple hue, and plants will have purple dots as well; consuming said food source will result in a spike in the Toxicity Meter. The Toxicity Meter, located near the bottom right corner of the screen, will appear only once a change in Toxicity has occurred and will disappear once it detects it is no longer occuring or losing toxicity. Polluted areas will cause a steady increase in Toxicity.


If the Toxicity Meter is allowed to fill to its maximum of 100%, the Life bar will begin to decrease much like the effect of starving.


To slow this loss of life or prevent it entirely, one may: